St. Stephens, the entertaining dentists practice!

St. Stephens, the entertaining dentists practice!

January 11, 2017 by admin3

At St Stephens Dental Practice we want to provide the best experience possible at a dental practice. To help us to provide a good service we collect feedback from our patients after they have finished a course of treatment. This can be anonymous or not, the patient can decide. On the summary of the feedback that we see there are initially 4 categories;


Clean/ comfortable

Entertainment/ literature

Friendly/ approachable

Level of trust

We routinely score 97-100% in 3 of these but seem to fall down a bit on the Entertainment/ literature category scoring 85-90%. This is quite disappointing for us as we think we have a great selection of magazines, lovely original paintings and sculptures and the televisions in the waiting room and ceilings of the surgeries. What else can we do??


We thought it would be amusing to do a montage of the magazines in the waiting room to check if you think we have covered all the bases.

There are about 60 different titles! And soon we will also have a magazine for you folk who microlite!

What do you think?

Any ideas or suggestions can be sent through by Email to


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