A little message from Martin

Hello and a Happy New year from me, Martin Southon, Principal of St Stephens Dental Practice and my team.

At this time of year I am looking for people whose New Years resolution is to sort out their teeth, dental health, appearance and eating.

I have already seen 5 or 6 new patients who have had this thought but there is always room for more!

The kind of things we can help with are;

People who have quit smoking and would like cleaner teeth.

People who have bleeding gums.

People who want to cure their bad breath.

People who are fed up with that toothache.

People who are fed up with their wobbly teeth.

People who would like whiter teeth.

People who do not like the appearance of their teeth.

People who are fed up with getting food stuck in their teeth.

Exasperated people who cannot eat some foods because of their teeth.

Gappy people who want to do something about their missing teeth.

People who would like straighter teeth.

People who do not like their dentures.

People whose dentures are loose.

People who would like implants.

People who do not know what food or drink is good for their teeth too.


People who do not like their existing dentist (unless it is me!)

If you or any of your friends or family fit into any of these categories please give us a call on 01227 452668 or send us an Email at

My team and I at St Stephens Dental Practice will give you the confidence to smile.



How can I make you smile?

The most common way I do this is after a check up, by telling patients they are healthy and that no treatment is needed. But that’s just the beginning!

I can make you smile by simply cleaning your teeth or removing unsightly stains and tartar. After relieving your tooth ache and after I reassure you that the pesky ulcer is nothing sinister.

You will smile after you realise the treatment you were dreading isn’t as bad or as painful as you thought. I can make you smile by whitening your teeth or changing the tooth shape and appearance.

You will smile after I fill any gaps with dentures, bridges or implants. And after I splint your wobbly tooth, making it sturdy again.

The best smiles are that of patients who have something far more sinister… cancer. Until I advised them they had no idea about the problem, but now they could get treatment and continue to enjoy their life with loved ones. They didn’t smile when they were diagnosed, but 6 to 12 months later they look back and smile.

In my career I have helped 6 or 7 people in this way and I must admit this especially makes me smile.

Come and see us at St Stephens Dental Practice and we will make you smile.


Wow! Our teeth whitening competition winner’s WHITE smile is revealed! What do you think?Jo loved the process and we think you’ll agree her teeth look amazing! You can see her during the process  in the picture  below, with all our cutting edge equipment here at St Stephens!



Want to see Jo talking about her experience? Well click on the link below to watch our video of Jo having her teeth whitened and to hear her talk about how she found the process:


We are always happy to hear from you so if you have any questions about Teeth Whitening or you would like to book an appointment with us, give the Practise a call on – 01227 452668…St Stephens Dental Practise, giving you the confidence to smile!


I have a team of dentists and nurses who are up to date, good at what they do and run on time.

In spite of this most people are afraid of what their visit to us entails. To combat this we try very hard to make a visit to our practices friendly and welcoming. We collect feedback on our service after treatment via an independent email questionnaire. 96% of our respondents scored us 10 out 0f 10 for being friendly and approachable and with the same score for their overall experience and treatment. I am extremely proud of this, so if you know anyone who needs any form of dental treatment done refer them to me and my team.

We know what we are doing. We will make your whole experience on your visit to us friendly and welcoming whilst sorting out your dental needs using the latest technology and equipment.
Giving you the confidence to smile.


Welcome to St. Stephens Dental Practice, we are proud to say we have finally finished the renovation and modernisation of our practice. We invite anyone to come and take a look around at our beautiful and modern dental practice just on the outskirts of Canterbury.