Anyone who knows Martin Southon of St Stephens Dental Practice and his wife Lucy will be aware they are extremely keen supporters of cancer charities. Last year donations were collected at St Stephens Practice for Cancer Research.

Lucy Southon decided she was going to run her first full marathon, 26.2 miles for Race for Life, a division of Cancer Research. In the summer Martin and Lucy has a fund raising party at their house in Petham.

All of these fund raising activities raised over £4300 for Cancer Research.

The patients at St Stephens Dental Practice have been officially thanked with a special Certificate of Appreciation from Cancer Research UK’s local fundraising manager, Lynette Farley.

This year at St Stephens Dental Practice we are continuing to raise funds for Cancer Research UK as this charity raises funds for a cause that is so far reaching there cannot be many people who have not been directly affected or who know someone who is.

Lucy will be running another Race for Life marathon in October and wants to beat her previous time of 5 ¼ hours.

AND we want to beat our previous figure of £4300!

So please support this extremely worthy cause with us at St Stephens Dental Practice where we will give you the confidence to smile and by our charity work hope to give cancer sufferers something to smile about as well.


A decades-long debate has finally been settled: a study has confirmed that English citizens have better teeth than their US counterparts.

In the study, published in the British Medical Journal, researchers in the UK and the US examined data from English and American dental surveys.

The results showed that the average number of missing teeth was 6.97 for English participants, but 7.31 for those in the US.

Additionally, people were more likely to suffer poor dental health in the US because of socio-economic factors.


Smile conscious Brits

Dr Sameer Patel, clinical director of Harley Street practice Elleven and member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, commented on the findings: ‘It has long been a stereotype that Americans have much better teeth than those in the UK.

‘However, in recent years the UK has grown increasingly “smile conscious” and as a nation our oral hygiene has come on leaps and bounds.

‘This can in part be attributed to the preventive and prospective visions of the British dental community, which we have seen filtering into the mindset of the general population – effectively leading to healthier teeth and gums around the country.

‘Additionally, the cosmetic dentistry industry has seen an increase in minimally invasive treatments and a boom in demand for orthodontics, which in the long term, actually helps to prevent tooth decay and oral health issues.










Patients at St Stephens Dental Practice will be aware that principal Martin Southon has tried hard to make his practice welcoming and relaxing by  making it seem less clinical.

Martin is a great lover of art and both of the surgeries and the waiting room feature original artwork.

Many patients have complimented the surgery on the pictures on show and have commented that they contribute to the relaxed atmosphere.

Most of the pictures are from Martins friend Lin Broadley. She is an extremely skilful artist painting using all mediums. The surgery has just had a new delivery of paintings and they can be viewed here but are best seen “in the flesh” at the surgery.

Martin is extremely pleased and proud to be able to feature this lovely artwork. Most of the pieces are for sale and are very reasonably priced. Lin will also consider private commissions.











If you are interested in the featured paintings or a commission please either contact the surgery on 01227 452668 or contact Lin direct on 01227 700003.

New patients are of course welcome at St Stephens and appointments can be booked by phone on 01227 452668 or online at

St Stephens Dental Surgery where we will give you the confidence to smile.


Here at St Stephens Dental Surgery our goal is to make sure that every visit is enjoyable and that you leave feeling happy and relaxed. We understand that for some people, a trip to the dentist is not a nice thought and that’s why we put so much effort into ensuring that our surgery, treatment rooms and staff are all first class. At St Stephens Dental Surgery we like to think that you will love our surgery as much as we do and we have made sure that it has a relaxed an inviting atmosphere.

Whatever your age we want you to leave with a smile on your face, so we have things to keep the little ones amused and beautiful décor to create the perfect ambiance. We also pride ourselves on having all the latest technological dentistry equipment and all our staff are up to date and fully trained to deal with all your needs.

So if you are looking for a friendly, welcoming and professional dental surgery then St Stephens is the answer.


Welcome to 2015 everyone and I wanted to start the year off by introducing our new and very amazing dentist, Thomas Buckland!

He has already made a fantastic impact on the surgery and our patients love him, so if you are you looking for a lovely, enthusiastic and highly skilled dentist, then read on….

Hi Tom Could you please introduce yourself and tell us an exciting fact about you…

Hi I am Tom I am 27 years old and have recently moved from London. This is not my first job with Martin Southon. I used to be Martins dental nurse 10 years ago and have now switched chairs and have become a dentist.
Do you have any interesting hobbies?
I have been rock climbing for about 7 years. I have been on a few rock climbing holidays to Thailand, Vietnam and France.
Do you have a favourite procedure that you enjoy doing?
I enjoy root canal treatments. I like all the gadgets that you can use. Root canal treatments is the most common treatment to solve tooth ache apart from extracting the tooth and no one likes losing teeth!
Have you always wanted to be a dentist?
No! when I was growing up I wanted to be a builder or engineer. I first became interested in dentistry when I became a dental nurse. Gradually I came to realise that dentistry is just like being a builder but on a much smaller scale.
Why do you like being a dentist?
I like fixing things and in dentistry you get to do this all day long. I also like how many people I get to meet and talk to. Everybody is different and unique with their own stories.
Have you got any funny stories about being a dentist or your training to be one that you can share with us? ( change names if included or just say patient)
I was at dental school treating a patient when out the corner of my eye a spider ran across the patients cheek and was heading towards their mouth. My nurse wide eyed tried to Hoover it up with the suction but missed. The spider ran into the patients mouth where I squashed it with the mirror. Luckily the patient was none the wiser.
Why do you like working with Martin at the St Stephens Dental surgery?
Martin is a great boss because as he has a good sense of humour and is very relaxed and gives me freedom to try new treatments, new products and allow me to treat my patients in the way that I like. St Stephens as a dental practice is fantastic. The practice is the best equipped and most modern practice I have ever worked in and I feel that having nicer surroundings means you work harder to provide first class dental care.

Do you have a life motto or saying that you like to live by?
Life is not fair, get used to it.
If you could chose 5 people to invite to a dinner party who would they be and why? ( can be dead or alive and can be famous or not famous)
My childhood dentist so I can show him that you can be a nice dentist.
Joe Simpson, rock climber and mountaineer who was the author of touching the void. If you have not read his story do so.
Ricky Gervais to add some humour
Mary Berry so she can make dessert.
Stephen Fry as the man seems to know something about everything.

What are your goals over the next 5 years? (work, life etc)
Join the gym.
Eat healthier
Restore a classic car or motorcycle
Become proficient at placing and restoring implants
Gain more training in sedation for dentistry