At St Stephens Dental Practice we collect feedback from our patients after treatment. This takes the form of an online questionnaire which can be answered anonymously if required. Feedback is usually very positive but we were especially pleased to get the following from one of our recent patients.

” I feel at ease when entering the room at St Stephens Dental Practice, which should be normal when going to the dentist. Very friendly atmosphere and everyone is happy.They certainly look after their patients and you feel some form of connection with them as they remember your previous conversations or what sports you play and you can have a nice little conversation before the procedures start It really makes the procedure feel unique and personal to you, it feels as if they are not just going through the motions and showing that they care. Really happy with everything to do with St Stephens from the staff to the facilities. You can’t go wrong with coming here.”

Praise indeed.


This February how would you like to receive £20 off your next dental visit?

Recommend our surgery to your friends, family, neighbour’s or colleagues via a referral card, and you will BOTH receive £20 off your next visit to us. Offer applies when the first appointment has been completed by the person you recommend.

To take advantage of this amazing offer please ask for a card at reception.

The more referrals you make to us, the less your next treatment will be! ( max 3 cards )

So spread the word……



At St Stephens Dental Practice the team consists of 3 dentists, myself the owner Martin Southon and 2 associates Karen Leadbetter and Tom Buckland.

There are 6 nurses and receptionists including Dawn and Nicola,the senior nurses.

I have been working at St Stephens since I qualified at the end of 1987 and Karen has been there a year longer. Tom has been working for me for 2 years and his family have been in Canterbury for 12 years. Tom is looking to settle here.

Dawn has been working for me for 21 years and Nicola since 1997.

So what does this mean to our patients?

Continuity of care.

Karen and I have been seeing some patients for over 20 years.

Patients see the same dentist and nurse for successive check ups and treatment. This usually means less treatment.

Generally when you see a new dentist they have to make a snap shot decision on what they see right then.

Some dental conditions, especially starting decay can be monitored as there may be a good chance it is static.

This is especially true if the same dentist is monitoring them year on year.

If you see someone different for each exam then rather than monitoring there is a good chance these conditions will be treated with a filling possibly unnecessarily.

This lack of continuity of care is especially likely at the corporate dental companies which are taking over many local dental practices.

Often the companies owning these practices move the dentists around so you end up seeing someone different at each visit.

So for continuity of care and less treatment come and see the friendly team at St Stephens Dental Practice where they will give you the confidence to smile.


When you go to the dentists, you expect a hygienic environment don’t you? Of course!

Most dentists work hard to be as hygienic as possible but do they go the extra mile?

All dentists use gloves, masks and sterile equipment whilst treating you, but then what do they do? They type up your notes! Typing up using a keyboard and mouse. Studies have shown that a keyboard and mouse are amongst the least hygienic items in a person’s home, contaminated with a very high level of bacteria, especially between the keys.

So how clean are your dentist’s mouse and keyboard?

Well at St.Stephens Dental Practice in Canterbury we have special hygienic safe and easy clean keyboards and mouse, ensuring they are as clean as possible! So next time you go to your dentists, take a quick look at the keyboard and mouse they use. If they don’t use such cool clean technology, ask yourself, is this really the dental practice for you?


Name – Anna West

Position in surgery – Trainee dental nurse

Qualifications – I am still training to be a dental nurse, I don’t qualify until November 2016.

Hobbies – I love sewing and baking, I’m not very good at either but I try. I’ve also just moved to the seaside so I’m going to treat myself to a bike for my birthday.

Pets – Not yet! However I am waiting for my new baby chicks to hatch their due date is 31t July which is the same day as my best friend’s wedding; I hope she forgives me if they tweet during her ceremony.

Why did I become a dental nurse – My childhood dentist worked with the loveliest nurse, I always remember wanting to be like her when I grew up. I don’t know her name but she inspired me!

Funniest experience in dental care – I was treating a really nervous patient a few months ago who brought her boyfriend into surgery for moral support. He was rubbing her feet whilst she was having a tooth extracted, however, the rubbing of her feet lead to kissing and the kissing lead to sucking her toes!! I haven’t eaten a sausage sandwich since….

Why did I join st. Stephens – I joined st. Stephens because I always knew it was a lovely practice.

Why do I think st. Stephens is the best in Canterbury – Our team make st. Stephens the best in Canterbury. Everybody who works at st. Stephens is a character, we all are friends and I think that’s obvious when you visit the practice. Everybody here puts the patient’s needs first and that’s how it should be!


Anyone who knows Martin Southon of St Stephens Dental Practice and his wife Lucy will be aware they are extremely keen supporters of cancer charities. Last year donations were collected at St Stephens Practice for Cancer Research.

Lucy Southon decided she was going to run her first full marathon, 26.2 miles for Race for Life, a division of Cancer Research. In the summer Martin and Lucy has a fund raising party at their house in Petham.

All of these fund raising activities raised over £4300 for Cancer Research.

The patients at St Stephens Dental Practice have been officially thanked with a special Certificate of Appreciation from Cancer Research UK’s local fundraising manager, Lynette Farley.

This year at St Stephens Dental Practice we are continuing to raise funds for Cancer Research UK as this charity raises funds for a cause that is so far reaching there cannot be many people who have not been directly affected or who know someone who is.

Lucy will be running another Race for Life marathon in October and wants to beat her previous time of 5 ¼ hours.

AND we want to beat our previous figure of £4300!

So please support this extremely worthy cause with us at St Stephens Dental Practice where we will give you the confidence to smile and by our charity work hope to give cancer sufferers something to smile about as well.


A decades-long debate has finally been settled: a study has confirmed that English citizens have better teeth than their US counterparts.

In the study, published in the British Medical Journal, researchers in the UK and the US examined data from English and American dental surveys.

The results showed that the average number of missing teeth was 6.97 for English participants, but 7.31 for those in the US.

Additionally, people were more likely to suffer poor dental health in the US because of socio-economic factors.


Smile conscious Brits

Dr Sameer Patel, clinical director of Harley Street practice Elleven and member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, commented on the findings: ‘It has long been a stereotype that Americans have much better teeth than those in the UK.

‘However, in recent years the UK has grown increasingly “smile conscious” and as a nation our oral hygiene has come on leaps and bounds.

‘This can in part be attributed to the preventive and prospective visions of the British dental community, which we have seen filtering into the mindset of the general population – effectively leading to healthier teeth and gums around the country.

‘Additionally, the cosmetic dentistry industry has seen an increase in minimally invasive treatments and a boom in demand for orthodontics, which in the long term, actually helps to prevent tooth decay and oral health issues.









How can I make you smile?

The most common way I do this is after a check up, by telling patients they are healthy and that no treatment is needed. But that’s just the beginning!

I can make you smile by simply cleaning your teeth or removing unsightly stains and tartar. After relieving your tooth ache and after I reassure you that the pesky ulcer is nothing sinister.

You will smile after you realise the treatment you were dreading isn’t as bad or as painful as you thought. I can make you smile by whitening your teeth or changing the tooth shape and appearance.

You will smile after I fill any gaps with dentures, bridges or implants. And after I splint your wobbly tooth, making it sturdy again.

The best smiles are that of patients who have something far more sinister… cancer. Until I advised them they had no idea about the problem, but now they could get treatment and continue to enjoy their life with loved ones. They didn’t smile when they were diagnosed, but 6 to 12 months later they look back and smile.

In my career I have helped 6 or 7 people in this way and I must admit this especially makes me smile.

Come and see us at St Stephens Dental Practice and we will make you smile.


Back in March Martin had a cartoon of himself drawn that showed him treating his customers like royalty! We could see that Tom, another one of our dentists, was a little jealous so we made a cartoon of him too!




Tom speaks for all of us here at St Stephen’s Dental Practice when we say we always put customer satisfaction first. Teeth are for life, so who do you trust to look after your dental health? Here at St Stephen’s Dental Practice we care about your teeth as much as you do. We keep our practices equipment and materials up to date and cutting edge in order to give our customers the best results possible.

Thanks to the illustrator Peter Langdown


A recent study in Norway seemed to suggest that fillings were in some  way infectious.

The study of 750 recently filled teeth showed that 30% adjacent teeth required a filling themselves in the following few years, suggesting some form of contagion.

However on closer examination of the evidence it became apparent that this was not evenly spread among the participating dentists but more common with certain operators.

It became apparent that these dentists were actually damaging the tooth next door whilst drilling leading to an increased susceptibility to decay in that tooth!

If you play Scrabble then this word might prove useful- this is known as IATROGENIC damage meaning operator damage.

If you or your friends or family are still seeing “Old Shaky” to have their teeth “looked after” then you should be thinking about changing to us at my practice.

You will end up needing less treatment keeping you healthier and better off.

Come and see us or refer your friends and family to me and my team at St Stephens Dental Practice.

We will give you the confidence to smile and will carefully look after your mouth with very our steady hands so will not cause  further problems or damage.