Anyone familiar with St Stephens Dental Practice and owner Martin Southon will know it is an eye catching place filled with lots of personal features that Martin likes. There are lovely original paintings and interesting photos, unusual sculptures, and naughty 60’s postcards featuring dentists. The whole place is very bright and colourful.

In Martins surgery, there also are on display some very large diecast models of old racing cars and their transporters that he is very keen on. They are a bit too big for his house and his wife, Lucy put her foot down not allowing them to be displayed there. But as he is the boss at the practice he has them there!

They are made by a German company CMC models renowned for their high quality. After a wait of nearly 3 years from initial order a new model has arrived and is now on display.

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It is a 1/18 scale 1937 Mercedes LO2750 racing car transporter with 1938 Silver Arrows car and a figurine of the driver Roland Caracciola. The truck alone is made of 2365 different parts, 1900 of them metal. It is a limited edition of 1000.  It is quite spectacular and eye catching.

So if you are looking for an interesting dentist interested in providing a great service to you, then look no further than St Stephens Dental, a practice that features a very personal service.

St Stephens Dental Practice, a welcoming and eye-catching practice where we will give you the confidence to smile.


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