It is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas at St Stephens Dental Practice!

The Christmas tree has gone up in the waiting room and the room has been decorated in a festive fashion.

The tree has traditional decorations along with a dental twist, festive toothpaste samples!

The naughty Christmas elf is abseiling across the room.

The antique dental chair and pedal drill have had a Christmas make over.

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And Martin the practice owner has changed jobs and taken on the role of the fairy on the Christmas tree!!

So if you need the festive confidence to smile please think of the team at St Stephens Dental Practice, we can put the smile on your face this Christmas.

And don’t forget if you fancy a whiter smile for this time of year or want to give a whiter smile as a gift please remember our seasonal reduction on tooth whitening from £300 to £249.


Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

This years must have feature for Christmas is a whiter smile. At St Stephens Dental Practice we can give you a whiter smile. This could be by just having a simple scale and polish removing stains to tooth whitening to a full smile workover involving crowns and veneers.

For this Christmas we are offering an offer on home based tooth whitening.

This is normally £300 but until the end of January 2017 we have reduced the cost to £249.

So if you fancy having your teeth whitened by up to 6 shades within a couple of weeks please give the team at St Stephens Dental Practice a ring on 01227 452668  to book an appointment for an assessment.

St Stephens Dental Practice where we will give you  the confidence to smile brighter.