When you go to the dentists, you expect a hygienic environment don’t you? Of course!

Most dentists work hard to be as hygienic as possible but do they go the extra mile?

All dentists use gloves, masks and sterile equipment whilst treating you, but then what do they do? They type up your notes! Typing up using a keyboard and mouse. Studies have shown that a keyboard and mouse are amongst the least hygienic items in a person’s home, contaminated with a very high level of bacteria, especially between the keys.

So how clean are your dentist’s mouse and keyboard?

Well at St.Stephens Dental Practice in Canterbury we have special hygienic safe and easy clean keyboards and mouse, ensuring they are as clean as possible! So next time you go to your dentists, take a quick look at the keyboard and mouse they use. If they don’t use such cool clean technology, ask yourself, is this really the dental practice for you?


Name – Anna West

Position in surgery – Trainee dental nurse

Qualifications – I am still training to be a dental nurse, I don’t qualify until November 2016.

Hobbies – I love sewing and baking, I’m not very good at either but I try. I’ve also just moved to the seaside so I’m going to treat myself to a bike for my birthday.

Pets – Not yet! However I am waiting for my new baby chicks to hatch their due date is 31t July which is the same day as my best friend’s wedding; I hope she forgives me if they tweet during her ceremony.

Why did I become a dental nurse – My childhood dentist worked with the loveliest nurse, I always remember wanting to be like her when I grew up. I don’t know her name but she inspired me!

Funniest experience in dental care – I was treating a really nervous patient a few months ago who brought her boyfriend into surgery for moral support. He was rubbing her feet whilst she was having a tooth extracted, however, the rubbing of her feet lead to kissing and the kissing lead to sucking her toes!! I haven’t eaten a sausage sandwich since….

Why did I join st. Stephens – I joined st. Stephens because I always knew it was a lovely practice.

Why do I think st. Stephens is the best in Canterbury – Our team make st. Stephens the best in Canterbury. Everybody who works at st. Stephens is a character, we all are friends and I think that’s obvious when you visit the practice. Everybody here puts the patient’s needs first and that’s how it should be!