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  • Praise Indeed!

    Praise Indeed!

    At St Stephens Dental Practice we collect feedback from our patients after treatment. This takes the form of an online questionnaire which can be answered anonymously if required. Feedback is usually very positive but we were especially pleased to get the following from one of our recent patients.

    ” I feel at ease when entering the room at St Stephens Dental Practice, which should be normal when going to the dentist. Very friendly atmosphere and everyone is happy.They certainly look after their patients and you feel some form of connection with them as they remember your previous conversations or what sports you play and you can have a nice little conversation before the procedures start It really makes the procedure feel unique and personal to you, it feels as if they are not just going through the motions and showing that they care. Really happy with everything to do with St Stephens from the staff to the facilities. You can’t go wrong with coming here.”

    Praise indeed.

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  • Posted by Molly Dussart on August 3, 2017, 5:35 pm

    I have an excellent nhs dentist and don’t want to leave her but the practice does not have a hygienist. Is it possible to see the hygienist without changing dentist ?

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    • Posted by Martin Southon on August 8, 2017, 8:30 am
      in reply to Molly Dussart

      Yes you can book in just for a scale and polish. Please phone us on 01227 452668 to book an appointment.

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