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  • Do frogs have teeth?!

    Do frogs have teeth?!

    If you come to St Stephens Dental Practice you will find it is very personal to the owner, Martin Southon.

    He has quite eclectic interests including sculpture and paintings, cars and car models and most eclectic, frogs.

    In the practice you will find several brass frog sculptures hanging off the walls and in Martins surgery a frog themed calendar.

    Martin says…

    “I don’t why I am fascinated by frogs, but I always have been. Maybe it is their interesting life cycle or the beautiful colours that especially tree frogs feature.

    They look friendly although I know many are exactly not being highly poisonous.

    Yesterday whilst working I glanced at my calendar and a thought struck me!

    So, do frogs have teeth?

    Well after the patient had left a quick Google search showed that indeed they do but only in the upper jaw with only hardened gums in the lower jaw. This means that they cannot really bite into their food to dice it up so have to swallow it whole, not really a good look and quite uncomfortable I would have thought!”

    At St Stephens dental Practice we care for and treat the whole mouth including teeth, and support tissues including jaw bone and gums.

    So if you want a Dental Practice, perhaps with strange fascinations, but who will really care for your whole mouth and for you then you need look no further than St Stephens Dental Practice.

    We will give you a happy confidence to smile!

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