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  • Auntie Toothache

    Auntie Toothache

    Another scary dental related picture from the cover of the British Dental Journal. This picture by Matthew Laznicka illustrates another dental related story in literature.

    It shows the visit of Auntie Toothache! This was the last story by Hans Christian Anderson written in 1872.  Anderson himself apparently suffered greatly with toothache and became obsessed with the agony of it.


    The story concerns a shadowy night time visitor, Old Mother Toothache, who threatens the story’s narrator when asleep, telling him that his mouth is “a splendid organ on which she intends to play”!

    Another good reason to look after your teeth!


    Regular visits to St Stephens Dental Practice should keep this nocturnal visitor at bay and keep you with the confidence to smile.

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